The Dry Riser Hotline Number is 0800 4101 100

Families and individuals living in high rise flats are at risk. They are at risk because their dry risers have either been vandalised or stolen outright. It might be tempting to just let this go as they can be quite expensive to replace, but this could potentially be akin to signing a death warrant.


Just a small fire breaking out could mean the whole building burning down; along with everyone and everything inside of it. All because of stolen or vandalised dry risers. And there are also the insurance costs that come with an event like that. Premiums rocketing, etc. And that’s before taking into account the chaos that’s caused in the short term. Where is somebody going to live whilst their homes are out of action? How can a business deal with its clients when the office has just been obliterated?


It Does Happen


Although people tend to assume that the theft of a dry riser is something that just doesn’t happen that often, this sort of thinking is leading to a lot of catastrophic consequences.


One such shocking example came back in February of 2005 when a complex of flats in Stevenage was set on fire. The problem was that the fire fighters just didn’t have the immediate supply of water to tackle the blaze due to the dry risers being chained shut due to increasing vandalism and theft. That particular fire was kept under relative control, but it came at a heavy cost. Three people were killed in the blaze, including two firefighters.


Since then the complex has installed 13 dry risers. But more shocking news emerged recently as of the 13 dry risers present all of them were stolen during the weekend of the 8th and 9th September, 2012. They weren’t stolen for any reason other than the metal. Metal theft is big business in the UK and costs the economy millions of pounds each and every year.


Is It Worth It?


Take a look at some of the consequences that people and businesses can have to deal with if a fire breaks out and a dry riser isn’t present or not working correctly.


·         Death.

·         Buildings destroyed.

·         Belongings destroyed.

·         Loss of business.

·         Loss of jobs.


What Can You Do?


Call the hotline that has been set up. It’s dedicated towards preventing sabotage and vandalism of dry riser systems. Individuals who decide to call this hotline are able to have an engineer come out to check whether their dry riser systems are in working order or not*. They are specially trained to check for signs of sabotage and vandalism, so don’t hesitate and get in touch today. It really is a life or death situation! 

*Providing we obtain consent from the building management company.


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